Why wait until payday?

Withdraw your pay as you earn it.

Early access to your pay

On-demand Wages calculates exactly what you have earned to date.

No interest ever

For just the cost of $5 per withdrawal, and a minimum $100 amount. That’s it. No interest, no catches or hidden fees.

Get paid as you earn it

The moment your shift is approved, you can withdraw it.

Your Questions Answered

So how does this actually work?

When an employer approves your worked shift, the On-demand Wages system will automatically calculate how much money you are owed.  
This amount will be displayed in your foundU app, for you to click and pay yourself on demand. When your usual payday approves, the early payment amount will be deducted from your payslip and you will be paid any remaining wages as normal.  

How much does On-demand Wages cost to use?  

On-demand Wages charges a fixed withdraw fee of $5.00 per transaction. There are no other fees or charges involved. 

How long do withdrawals take to arrive in my bank account?

Payments are made via a direct integration with the Australian New Payments Platform – which means your money will hit your account in less than 5 seconds on most occasions 

Is this a loan?

No. This is your money that you’ve already earned during the current pay-cycle. We are just providing early access to it before your pay day.

Does using On-demand Wages impact my credit score?

No. This is your money that you’ve already earned. We are just providing early access to it before your pay day.

My On-demand Wages available balance is less than expected, why?

The balance that you see in your app, is your net wage – meaning the amount available after taxdeductions and exclusive of any allowances and various pay items like bonuses 

Don’t forget that your balance is calculated from worked shifts that your manager has reviewed and approved. If a manager has not yet approved one or more of your shifts, the money for those shifts will not yet contribute to your On-demand Wages available balance. 

How can I increase my On-demand Wages balance?

If you need access to more funds, you can always contact your manager and ask them to approve your shifts. Make sure you’re clocking in and out on time, to make this an quicker and easier process for your employer. 

I have recently taken leave, why can’t I withdraw my leave payment with On-demand Wages?

Leave payments are not currently available in On-demand Wages. We are working on this, so in the future you can get paid more of what you’ve earned. Thank you for your patience. 

I’m a salaried employee, can I access On-demand Wages? 

You can – however you will only have any available balance at the end of your week. This can still be withdrawn before your next pay dayWe are working on your balance being made available earlyStay tuned for updates. 

How do I withdraw money with On-demand Wages?

If your employer has enabled On-demand Wages you can jump into your foundU employee app, and click your available balance to start the withdraw process.  

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