A retention tool employees love… and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Why it works


Of all employees suffer from financial distress. Early wage access helps take that stress away.


Reduction in staff turnover when giving staff the option of early wage access.


Of employees use early wage access at least once a week during earlier trials and recommend to others.

How it works

1. They work

Staff work any shift at any time using foundU.

2. You Approve

You approve a shift with instant approval.

3. They withdraw with Wageflo

An employee withdraws a portion of their earned wage before pay day (foundU covers the amount).

4. That’s it

You generate your payslips as normal and the repayment to foundU is automatically included in the ABA.  

Access to Wageflo

Early pay access gives your staff the power to meet life’s financial demands on their terms.

It doesn’t just make good financial sense – getting paid before pay day is a powerful recruitment tool and a point of difference for your business.

Get Every Cent

No other app on the market calculates exactly what you’re owed. They miss allowances and can’t figure out when and how you worked.

DayPay does it all and makes sure you’re paid every cent.

It doesn’t matter if you change position or pay rules during the week, DayPay has got your back.

We handle everything. 

Wageflo is set up and ready to go, there are no extra steps for you as the employer – you just need to let your team know they can start using it. 

Wageflo FAQ

So how does this actually work?

You approve shifts, the shift processes through our award interpretation and we pay the employee the calculated amount when they want it we cover the payment, and you reap the benefits.  
As an employer, there is no change to your process. This allows your employees to receive some, or all of their wages before payday. When payday arrives, the withdrawn amount is paid back to foundU and displayed on the employees payslip. 

How much does this cost to use?

Wageflow charges the employee a fixed withdraw fee of AUD$5.00 per withdraw. There are no other fees or charges involved and no cost to you, as the employer. 

How long do withdrawals take to arrive in the employee’s bank account? 

Wageflo uses open banking technology (‘the NPP – New Payments Platform’). For almost all Australian bank accounts, the money will arrive instantly. 

Is this a loan?

No. This is money that your employees have already earned during the current pay-cycle. We are just providing early access to it before payday.

Does using Wageflo impact the employee’s credit score?

No. This is money that has already been earned. We are just providing early access to it before your employee’s payday.

My employee’s Wageflo balance is less than expected, why?

The available balance is calculated from worked shifts that have been reviewed and approved. If a manager has not yet approved one or more shifts, the money for those shifts will not yet contribute to the Wageflo available balance.

How do I help an employee access more of their available Wageflo balance?

An employee’s available balance increases as their shifts are approved  so ensure that all shift approvals are up to date. We found that Wageflo encouraged employee’s to work more – so this could be an opportunity to offer them more shifts.  
If you want to make approving shifts quicker and easier, you can turn on Auto-Approvals.

An employee has recently taken leave, can they withdraw leave payment with Wageflo?

Currently leave payments are not available through Wageflo. We are working on this, so that they can be accessed in the futute. Thanks for your patience.  

An employee on full-time, why can’t they access their wage with Wageflo?

Currently full time salaries are not available for Early Pay. We are currently working on this, so in the not too distant future this will be available. Thank you for your patience.

How do my employees use Wageflo? 

If Wageflo has been enabled, your employees simply open their employee app. A Wageflo card should be visible on their home screen which will link to a withdrawal form. If Wageflo is not yet enabled and you would like to make it available to your employees, please let us know via the contact form below.

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