What’s new at foundU

A Selection of our Latest Features

Auto Approve Shifts

Sick of approving shifts or even forgetting? Forget no more with shift auto-approval. Simply make sure your team member is using the Employee App or foundU Clock, then set your clock-in/clock-out threshold and you’re good to.

Never get a ‘can you please approve my shift’ email again.

Get Granular with Payslips

Get more specific when working with your payslip data by selecting multiple criteria when filtering on ‘Office Code’, ‘Operation’ & ‘Employment Type’.

Availability from the Get-Go 

Availability settings can now be added to your onboarding process. It will enable employees to set their ongoing availability during onboarding, rather than setting it up later. No need to chase new employees before they’ve started to see when they are available.

This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. Not all previous features may still be available!

New Integration Center

Create custom integrations for foundU with permission-based API access, API documentation and a centralised page to manage existing connections. Partner integrations are also listed, allowing quick and easy connection.

Preview Permissions

Preview admin user permissions and restrictions and see exactly who and what is accessible for full confidence. We’ve added descriptions to help users understand the access granted with each permission.


Shift Offers Report

Shows what shifts have been offered to employees, their current status and the time it took employee to respond. You can filter by all your favourites like employee, office code, operation, roster and status.


New Reimbursements Report

We’ve made reimbursement reports clearer and made it super easy to find out who spent what (and approve it). Don’t forget to also check out our new Superannuation integration with Beam here.


Share Resources with Employees

Keep staff informed, engaged and up-to-date with our new resources section in the employee app. Here you can share links to external training, important docs and your company intranet.

You can even make the resources available for a specific date range or set to be indefinite.


Export Roster to Excel

Does your operations team want to see shift data in Excel? Want a simple way of tracking your time and attendance data? Well, you can now export your entire roster in an easy-to-read format to Excel. You can filter by shift status (published, unpublished, offered, cancelled, offer declined, reassigned) and have even more visibility over your workforce.


New Speed and Reporting Improvements

The foundU Platform is now twice as fast at generating payslips. This sits alongside new updates to reporting that allows you to see a breakdown of rates against Award interpretation.


Updated Rostering Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop with new updates to rostering notifications. Staff now have more info about the shift, cancellations, and any last-minute changes.


Pay Super Without Leaving the foundU Platform

Pay Super in just one click with our brand-new Beam integration. The new integration automatically calculates Super amounts based on shift info and Award worked under. Once ready, you receive a notification, double-check and press pay.


Archive and Search Rosters

For one off projects and sites, you can now archive all rosters associated with the job. For record keeping or disputes, you can search through archived rosters and show exactly who was working, when and where.


Preferred Name on Roster Display

If you have a big or changing team, staff can now update the roster with their preferred name. Stop confusion and help everyone get to know each other (and save the awkwardness).

Quick Employment History

Employment history can now be instantly exported from an employee’s profile – this is a summary of all positions, dates and locations worked by that employee while employed by your business.

Feel the magic with our new integration with Recruit Wizard – powerful applicant tracking and recruitment software that pushes new hires seamlessly into the foundU Platform. To find out more about Recruit Wizard, click here.

Always On JobKeeker Status

We’ve added a new highlight on employee records that always shows their employment status and JobKeeper status. No need to click into profiles or run reports, the information is always available.

Easy Employment Groupings

We keep adding data points for you to report on with the ability to now group and report by employment type. See an accurate wage breakdown and exactly where your budget is going.

STP Finalisation

One click STP Finalisation is now part of the platform making it your easiest ever EOFY. To see it action, book a demo here.

Automatic Rate Rise Tool

Use the Rate Rise tool in your foundU platform, to increase your pay (and charge) rates in bulk in line with the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage reviews.


The rates rise tool allows you to Set, Check, Schedule and Forget your rate rises with ease.

  • Set- Updating rates is now 50% faster. Our stepped approach allows you to update all your rates in one go and remain compliant.
  • Check- Check your rates to match Fair Work rates to the cent and use the Export/ Import tool to adjust rates in bulk.
  • Forget- Schedule your rate increase (pay and charge). Rate increases are automatically updated (but you can override these too if you need).

View Roster by Position

Organise and view your roster by position, instead of by employee or shift depending on what your business needs. Quickly flick between display options, and ensure all shifts are covered for each position type.

Powerful Positions

Our employee position module has been upgraded with new features like the ability to add a start and end date to positions – you can add new positions to the future which will automatically apply.

i.e no need to change a 17yr old position to an 18yr old position on their birthday, just choose a start date and the platform will handle the rest.

You can also now see every position a staff member has worked with improved position history.

Better Search

You can now filter your candidates by Accepted, Approved, On leave, Working, Ready to Work etc to give you a better overview of your current workforce.

Eye in the Sky

Global search now returns 50 results not 10. For example, if you have more than 10 Matthews in your platform, you have a good chance of seeing them all.

Faster Platform Loading

With new servers and speed updates across the platform, this is the fastest foundU Platform yet. We have seen an average reduction of 30% in both page and function load times.

24 Hour Time on Roster

No missed shifts or mistaken start and finish times with 24-hour time now standard across the roster (and we’ve also increased the max font size if you’ve left your glasses at home).

JobKeeper Automated Payslips

No need to manually create JobKeeper payslips with our smart automation. Regardless of how your employee is working, our new update allows you to make JobKeeper payments with ease. If an employee is receiving no wage, a partial wage or you need to create a custom payslip, we have you covered.

Free JobKeeper Payment Platform

For everyone struggling to understand JobKeeper legislation and to make compliant payments, we created a free JobKeeper Payment Platform. To see it in action, click here.

Better License Management

The foundU Platform allows for easy on-boarding and uploading of licenses/qualifications. With our latest feature update, employees are automatically reminded when uploading new licenses to update expiry dates and remove irrelevant licenses.