Clarity Management has over 30 years’ experience providing operations, bookkeeping, management accounting and financial control services to hotels, clubs and hospitality customers around Australia. Helping keep those customers happy is Jane Forno, who supports Clarity Management clients’ optimise their payroll.


Business Advisory




Australia Wide


Migrating clients from multiple, stand-alone systems to one.


foundU’s fully integrated workforce management platform.


Full visibiltiy for both Clarity Management and clients, better reporting and cost-savings.

To do this, Jane uses foundU’s end-to-end workforce management system to migrate customers to one platform, speed up their payroll and get oversight of their business.

How We Helped


Integrated System

foundU is truly integrated with no need for Clarity Management’s customers to have multiple systems. Onboarding, rostering, payroll and reporting can all be done from the one place.

This gives both Jane and her customers full oversight of their business without having multiple logins and systems that don’t talk to each other. Before foundU, customers were usually using a stand-alone time and attendance system that made Jane’s job harder as she was constantly generating reports and passing them back to clients.

‘Our ideal scenario is getting all our clients onto foundU…we don’t have to find multiple reports and the client has full visibility. Having it all in one place is perfect for Fair Work and audits’  Jane Forno, Payroll Officer


Comprehensive Reporting

An end-to-end system leads to accurate and comprehensive reporting that Jane loves. foundU has over 50 different data points to report on and easy auto-generating reports like Superannuation, wage costings and payslips.

foundU also helps Jane and Clarity Management with custom reports to keep their clients happy. As the system adapts and legislation changes (like JobKeeper), foundU changes with it and always has reporting capabilities to match.

‘It’s got everything we need.  We have no problems with foundU adapting different reports for us’ Jane Forno, Payroll Officer


Super Easy Implementation

There is no point in having a great system if it’s hard to implement. foundU makes it super easy for Jane with our team reaching out to the customer and ensuring they are implemented with all staff correctly onboarded and ready to go.

Along the way, all information like certificates, licenses, contracts and key employee details are collected to make Jane’s job easier.

‘The onboarding is absolutely fantastic. Our clients have said how wonderful the implementation staff are and that’s one of the reasons we want to get all our clients onto foundU’  Jane Forno, Payroll Officer


Proactive Support

foundU goes above and beyond to give Jane the support she needs to get the job done. We’re an Aussie business that knows the Australian employment landscape with over 500 clients to learn from.

Our support and implementation team work to keep abreast of current legislation and update the platform accordingly. Alongside those teams, we also have a dedicated customer training team who help our customers get the most from foundU.

‘It’s very good. foundU will send us emails with instructions, screenshots and everything we need to fix mistakes. The help and the support that foundU give us is 110 per cent on any other system’  Jane Forno, Payroll Officer 


If you’re just starting a business and wondering how you’re going to manage everyone or have been operating for 30 years and

If you’re a bookkeeper or business advisory service that wants to better manage your clients and make life easier, click here to book a free demo of foundU. We have competitive pricing models for Alliance Partners and make sure you are rewarded for using the foundU system.