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foundU’s employee led onboarding and smart rostering


Paperless operation and easy cross roster staff distribution

In Mt Isa, you will find the best club in the West, Buffs Club. Famed for its delicious meals, excellent service and range of amenities, the club is a key part of the Mt Isa social scene. In the venue, you will find 90 staff working across 10 different rosters and under multiple Awards.

Before foundU, the club had multiple systems and a clunky process to onboard, roster and pay their staff. Rosters were printed and stuck on the kitchen wall with no way of updating staff or making changes on the fly.

While the job was getting done, Buffs Club knew there had to be a better way.

How We Helped


Streamlined Onboarding

Buffs Club, HR Manager, Brian Atherinos uses foundU onboarding to collect employee documents, certificates and details. Once onboarded, all Brian has to do is check the automatically generated employee record to see pay rates, financial details and availability in the one place.

‘The streamlining from the initial hiring process, the storage of documents and the certifications in one place. It’s great.’  Brian Atherinos, HR Manager


Flexible Rostering

Being such a big club, Brian often needs staff to work across multiple departments and roles. The foundU roster makes it easy with drag and drop functionality, customisable views and copy and paste functions.

If Brian or the Buff Club management team make an update to a roster mid-week, the affected staff automatically get a notification sent straight to their mobile. Brian can even give staff shift specific instructions using the roster notes function.

With so many staff working across so many positions, it’s critical that Buff Club has an overview of their wage costs. With the foundU Roster module, wage costs are automatically calculated in real time and Brian can see what he is spending by the roster, shift and even hour.

‘It’s great for distribution. Any changes to the rules, any updates and they automatically go out.’ Brian Atherinos, HR Manager 


Top Quality Support

Being new to foundU, Buffs Club relies on foundU’s top notch support and implementation team to help manage their workforce.

While we’re only a phone call away, Buffs Club always has access to a range of comprehensive explainer videos, articles and regular new feature webinars.

When Brian and Buffs Club do need a hand, it’s an easy phone call to our 100% Aussie based support team who are always willingly to help. The support team work with through his specific questions and always offer relevant and actionable support.

‘You have the webinars, you have the links, you have all those things pre-recorded, which is great. Sometimes it is great just to have that one and one call where you can ask a question and get help.’  Brian Atherinos, HR Manager


If you’re operating multiple systems and think there must be a better way, book in for a demo of the foundU Platform below and see how we can help.